A little bit more than 24 hours from the inexplicable blunder made by the referee in Fiorentina-Inter, the Corriere della Sera recalls the events immediately following the final whistle to end the game, one that could jeopardize the fight for the Champions League, consequently creating a €50M loss to the club.

In the dressing room, Giuseppe Marotta wanted to see Abisso asking for explanation. But instead, Inter CEO got to meet Michael Fabbri (first VAR assistant referee) and Gabriele Gava, one of the assistants of designator Nicola Rizzoli. Marotta was visibly infuriated and it was Gava to tell him that the penalty call was a mistake.

In the meantime, Abisso will return to the pitch mid-March and will not officiate another Inter matches this season.

Source: CdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/25/corsera-marotta-came-to-referee-dressing-room-after-fiorentina-inter-to-demand-explanation-mistake-was-confirmed-abisso-will-not-officiate-another-inter-game-this-season