The Corriere della Sera explains why Inter decided to remove the captain’s armband of Mauro Icardi.

“Icardi was not viewed as a leader, he did not behave like one, he never had the stature of great men like Fachetti, Picchi, Mazzola, Bergomi, Zanetti, just to name a few. Above all, he did not find the courage to speak openly to the dressing room and distance himself from his wife who was out of place attacking Perisic directly.”

Then the Croatian asked Icardi to “tell your wife not to talk about me on TV.” The Argentinian decided not to go to Vienna with his teammates because he was destroyed by the talk with Giuseppe Marotta which told him that he no longer has the captaincy. He then told Inter that he would not leave for Austria, completely destroyed and devastated by what happened.

Source: CdS

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