Mauro Icardi is not going to take a step back. According to the Corriere dello Sport, the former captain will continue with therapy this week and will only gradually return to the team once consultation with a knee specialist is complete. In case of a departure, very likely scenario, the Argentinian will only accept going to another Italian club (Juventus or Napoli) because he wants his children to grow up here and not in another foreign country.

Inter, on the other hand, do not intend to change its position and in the coming days management will speak to the player to try and understand two things: when he wants to return and when he is going to clear things up with his teammates. Inter will also take the opportunity to make sure the intention of Icardi and that is to stay in Italy. Doing so would allow Inter to start planning for an exchange with Juventus for Paulo Dybala.

The direct clash between Icardi and Inter will continue and the player will not be available this Thursday in Europa League (six straight games out of action). Mauro is in no hurry and still claims about pain in the knee and wants to recover calmly, without forcing on the workloads of practices and official matches. Yesterday, he continued with physiotherapy and wants to keep doing it longer. Also because he is hurt by the decision of Inter to demote him from being the captain of this team, a gesture that he considers a serious damage to his image. 

Source: CdS

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