The Gazzetta dello Sport reveals behind the scene details from the meeting between management and coaching staff to the moment that Mauro Icardi left training ground upon learning the decision.

“The official announcement came about 15 minutes after Inter management (Marotta, Ausilio, Gardini) and Luciano Spalletti told Icardi about the decision. This happened at the end of training just before the club departed for Vienna. The striker listened, explained his reasons and made the decision of not going with the team. Icardi was included in the call-up list as confirmed by “he was called but decided not to come” of Spalletti. So at around 2 pm, Mauro left training facility in rage, slamming the door of his car.”

This decision was not random. For months now, the relationship between Inter management, the striker himself and his wife-agent Wanda Nara has been very tense. The figure of Wanda is the central part of everything, including this decision by Inter. 

Source: GdS

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