The date for the meeting continues to be mysterious. It will not be today, perhaps in the weekend, but it cannot be ruled out that everything is postponed until next week. The contract renewal of Mauro Icardi continues to be one of the most discussed topics among the fans today. 

There will be a new contract, but the “when” here does not seem to be important although yesterday, Mauro was once again back on the subject: “There was never a fixed date.” On the other hand, there is desire from both sides to meet and soon find an agreement, maybe even to remove the €110M that seems rather inconvenient given his appeal in the summer thanks to an excellent first experience in the Champions League.

Everything revolves around the new wage. Mauro today receives just over €5M from Inter, including bonuses, and he would like that number to reach €9M, more or less like Higuain at Milan. Inter are willing to raise that fixed wage to €7M with bonuses included of course.

Source: GdS

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