Yesterday, when asked about Mauro Icardi, Luciano Spalletti declined to talk about the striker because “I must talk about those who play and those that have Inter’s fate in their heart.”

Well, the first response came from Wanda Nara, the wife and agent of Mauro Icardi, and again, it appeared on social media.

From Dubai, she retweeted several posts from fans and journalists who attacked Spalletti and defended Mauro Icardi: 4-5 posts in 30 minutes and then deleted. 

The real response came from Mauro Icardi who stayed silent for more than a week. About 7:00 pm, a photo was posted on Instagram that was actually a long letter: a direct attack on Spalletti, Marotta, the entire management including Steven Zhang, the club president.

We didn’t see any kind of announcement on how he is recovering, it did not have any kind of apology or conciliatory message to his teammates. But instead, going through it, it was not hard to find a reference for each and every enemy that he has in the dressing room, starting with “I have always disapproved those who tried to leave on the first occasion.”

To close, he made it clear that if there is no respect, even love and endurance can have their limit.

In short, he is leaving. This is not a step towards peace. Instead, this is to point out who is at fault for this war. A departure is more likely this summer.

Icardi describes himself as being offended and almost forced to renounce his great love. But doing it this way does nothing but push away every possible chance of peace.

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