Beppe Marotta has just settled in his new reality at Inter but Italian media already tries to anticipate his transfer market movement which will be coordinated with all his staff in management, starting from sporting director Piero Ausilio.

According to the Corriere dello Sport, there is a name at the top of the wish list: Luka Modric. Luka is a genius, a leader: more or less as was Pirlo for Juventus. Marotta signed the Italian maestro for free when Milan decided to let him go. The Croatian has a year and a half left in contract and renewing it is not something that he is interested in. If this remains, the door to sign him will remain wide open.

Those who are in the status of “Made In Italy” are also under observation: from Barella to Chiesa, from Biraghi to Tonali. Not to mention those who are not Italian but play in our league: Andersen for example. 

For the bench? Marotta loves Conte, he brought the coach to Juventus but then that relationship ended in 2014. They are greatly attached to each other but Conte is smart. Antonio imagines that Inter could soon look for someone to replace Spalletti and this intrigues him a lot.

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