Tomorrow night, Inter of Nainggolan will challenge Cagliari of Barella. To talk about them is their agent Alessandro Beltrami who reveals that between the three, there is a special bond that goes beyond client-agent relationship.

“Both Radja and Nicolo wanted me as godfather of their children and to me, this is the most special thing. In fact, I have tattoos of their initials of their names on my arm. I am always there for them and they will do the same for me. Do you know what makes my 15-year relationship with Nainggolan special? In 2012, I had health issues that forced me to stay away from work for months and there were big offers for him coming from Russia. Radja not only waited for me to get better, but he was close to me all the time, putting me in front of his own interest.”

So do they make you angry?

“Radja, sometimes, is too available to those who do not deserve the time. Nicolo has a bad relationship with his phone: spending hours before replying to his messages (laughs).

Where will you see the game tomorrow?

“In Cagliari of course. I will stay there for the entire weekend with Radja’s family while he will come back to Milan to train. I will be an uncle, the job that I love the most.”

Can they play together?

“Strong players can always play together, don’t you know that?”

Source: GdS

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