Speaking to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Politano looks back to the game against PSV in the Champions League, calling it “the biggest regret” of these months.

“We started badly and our opponent played the best game in the group. This is the biggest regret in recent months.”

In Eindhoven, you entertained the fans by catching a beer from the stands.

“I was talking to the referee and it just came to me, I did not know where to look. I turned around and saw the cup in the corner of my eye. The instinctive action was to extend my arm and people went crazy. That became a challenge on social media.”

How close were you to join Napoli a year ago?

“Very. I didn’t take it well because Napoli were fighting for the Scudetto. I thought that my big chance had passed. It bothered me. Then I said to myself that I must continue to work with my head down, something will happen. And here I am.”

De Laurentiis said: “Thank goodness that the deal did not happen, it would have been money thrown away.”

“Yes, that pained me because he did not say nice things. But it is water under bridge. Perhaps that was just an outburst of one who was defeated in a negotiation.”

Did you know that UEFA picked you as one of the best deals of the summer?

“Yes, but I am already thinking about my next step. I want to win a trophy with Inter. It is the gift that I want for 2019. The table is good for us. Our goal is to be even closer to Napoli and to do better than the fourth place finish a year ago.”

We saw Nainggolan again in Empoli after the punishment. You are a friend of his, what affect can he give the team?

“Radja is a very good player, fundamental for Inter. It will be decisive to have him at our side. I enjoy him the most when we are in camp together.”

In what sense?

“We always play Call of Duty on the PlayStation. He is the best of them all.”

Besides the PlayStation, how do you spend your free time?

“Movie with my wife, walking through the Milan center. When I have time, I go finishing. Every now and then when I see Caprari in Genoa, we take the boat out. I do also follow other sport like Tennis. I love Nadal although I recognize that Federer’s elegance is unrivaled. He is the Messi of Tennis.”

Is it true that your idol is Vucinic?

“No, it has always been Totti. I liked Vucinic a lot, he was fantastic at Roma. Although on a personal level, I have always looked up to Robben as a point of reference.”

Zhang is Inter president and he is practically the same age as you.

“He makes a great impression. Steven is one of us. He is always present and I remember the day that I signed the contract…”

What did he say?

“He said that I pissed him off for scoring against Inter at the San Siro on the second to last matchday. When I said hello to him I told me ‘you will have to forgive me.’”

Do you see a future abroad?

“Food, climate, quality of life: to me, Italy is the best and I would never change it.”

Source: GdS

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