Inter have changed gear: not on the pitch where the struggle is evident. But victories are built outside in, and the game is the last link in the chain. Beppe Marotta looks like the interior design that enters a house and begins to revolutionize the furniture starting from the main elements: where to put the bed? What about that table? 

In just 10 days, it was enough to give the wife-agent of the captain of the team a talking to. Marotta is really taking over Inter, rearranged the backbone of the club and immediately imposed a more rigid policy of conduct. The decision to put Nainggolan in the corner of the room was done together with Spalletti and Ausilio but it was Marotta who gave his first input to suspend the Belgian. Yesterday’ tardiness was only the tip of the iceberg of a series of out-of-line behaviors: including being late to training, restless nights and physiotherapy sessions concluded earlier than expected. It is true that Nainggolan’s behavior had been tolerated to this day, hoping that in the end, his performances on the pitch would overwhelm other problems.

Marotta has now imposed a complete U turn. Suffice it to recall the case of Bonucci who was sent to the stool in Porto after the dispute with Allegri in the previous match against Palermo. The executive from Varese is keeping the right bar here and the first commandment of the Marotta’s regulations is that there are no exceptions because suspending Nainggolan reinforces the idea of being together in a team. Nainggolan was punished yesterday in respect of his teammates. Rules apply to all equally. 

Source: GdS

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