Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has hit out at Liverpool for loaning full-back Nathaniel Clyne to Bournemouth.

Clyne has struggled for game time with Liverpool this season and had been linked with a temporary move to Cardiff in the January transfer window.

Was Clyne promised to Cardiff? Five key things to know…

  1. Due to the emergence of Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Nathaniel Clyne has seen his Liverpool playing time seriously limited.
  2. As a result, Clyne had been linked with a loan move away, with Cardiff boss Warnock admitting his interest.
  3. But Clyne would ultimately join Bournemouth on loan, following teammate Dominic Solanke who signed permanently.
  4. And Warnock is incensed over Clyne’s move, insisting he had been promised the full-back.
  5. Clyne started just one Premier League game for Liverpool this season.

But on Friday it was confirmed Clyne had instead joined Bournemouth on loan until the end of the season, helping Eddie Howe with his problems at right-back.

This annoyed Cardiff manager Warnock, who claims Liverpool had promised Clyne would be on his way to the Bluebirds this week.

“To see it on television when I’ve done everything right and they’ve promised that he’s my player this week, for me it’s a disgrace and just a lack of class,” Warnock said, as reported by the Guardian, after Cardiff’s FA Cup third round defeat to Gillingham.

Warnock gave Clyne his professional debut at Crystal Palace and also barred no holds towards the player.

“What I was disappointed in is having known Nathaniel …to not get a phone call from Nathaniel or from Liverpool, I thought that stank. I thought it was a disappointment, a lack of class, call it what you want.

“When you are waiting and doing it properly, I think you deserve respect and I don’t think they showed us any.”

Cardiff are currently 17th in the Premier League and just two points outside the relegation zone after 21 games, losing 13.

Warnock brands Premier League loan rules a “disgrace”

According to Warnock, Cardiff also missed out on loaning other players to strengthen their squad, waiting on the expected move for Clyne.

He added: “I probably should have been illegally tapping him up or something like that, shouldn’t I?

“But I did everything right and Bournemouth came in. I suppose Bournemouth, paying £19m for [Dominic] Solanke, it might just have whetted their appetite a bit.

“I’ve lost out on three players because of that by waiting. I lost out on a couple of full-backs and a striker because I couldn’t use the loan up. I’m doubly disappointed really.

“Listen, we don’t get any favours, we’re not going to get any favours, whether it’s on the pitch or off it. We are always up against it.”

No Premier League club is allowed to sign two players on loan from other teams in the division within the same season.

Cardiff currently have Harry Arter on loan from Bournemouth taking up one of their spaces, meaning had the Bluebirds loaned another Premier League player they would not have been able to temporarily bring in Clyne.

This is something Warnock has previously criticised, as reported by the Independent. Speaking before Christmas, he said: “Heaven knows why we can only have two Premier League loans in.

“I’ve got Harry Arter, so I can’t take a young English striker or a young English midfield player, if I’ve got another one (on loan).

“It’s scandalous, really. You can bring 10 from abroad, so who are we trying to help?

“When you are talking about English players needing experience – our younger players for the English team – and we can’t loan more than one more player.

“Who has invented these rules? It’s a disgrace, really, when I could be giving another good young English lad an opportunity of playing in the Premier League.”

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