New life for Radja. The Nainggolan of today is light years away from the one at the end of 2018. At the start of the new year, he suffered a calf injury after various torments of the season. But with very strict rules imposed by the club and Spalletti, the Belgian is back at top level.

Many are still talking about that exchange with Zaniolo but looking at the numbers, Radja’s presence has given so much to the cause of Inter. Of the 44 seasonal games, Radja has played 30 and the results say that Inter are a better team with Nainggolan on the pitch. Inter won 60% of the games with him (only 35.7% without), have a higher points per game average (2 compared to 1.4) and allow less goals as well (0.6 goals per game with Nainggolan versus 1.3 without).

Looking at these numbers, the club and fans will have regrets especially when it comes to the Champions League. Because who knows what Inter could have done if they had a healthy and this Nainggolan in that competition. 

Future? He will still be an Inter player.

“Il Ninja has a contract until 2021, making €4.5M and will remain one of Inter’s leaders. The departure of Mauro Icardi and Ivan Perisic are almost certain and so Nainggolan will stay regardless of who is going to be the new coach. Spalletti wanted him at all costs. He waited for him to recover from many injuries and is now enjoying Nainggolan’s performances on the pitch again. Conte? He always likes the Belgian who will be the right man for the former Juventus coach, if he indeed is arriving…”

Source: GdS

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