Once you realize that the anagram of Perisic is “ci speri” (meaning “hope”), you will know more or less the answer that Inter gave the Croatian when he came to the office demanding to leave. Yes Mr. Ivan, we hope… that you can bring us at least €35M, would be better if it is pounds but euros is fine too: you would be happy, so would we.

Happiness, in reality, is lacking in Appiano Gentile as the dressing room is becoming more and more intense. It is difficult to imagine Perisic’s future. So the question is: what does he really want? What is going on in the head of a player who has done everything to get out?

A step back here would be very useful. Summer 2017, Jose Mourinho was very interested in the Croatian, wanted to take him to Manchester United and offered €50M. Inter did not sell, Spalletti asked Ivan to stay and weeks later, the club rewarded him a new contract until 2022 at €4M net, which can go up to €5M if with all the bonuses. So, he was just below Icardi who had also just renewed for €4.5M plus bonuses a year before.

Perisic then started playing well, it was a World Cup year after all. There was no place for average performances, no place to miss the chance of such important showcase. So World Cup came and went. Croatia was just one step away from shocking the world. And then last summer, Inter tried to give Perisic a traveling companion, a new teammate in Luka Modric but he did not come.

So far in 2018-2019, Perisic has turned out to be a flop this season, one negative performance after another, despite the unconditional trust of Luciano Spalletti. He is not satisfied, the Croatian reiterates in a couple of public outings that his dream is the Premier League and “I hope Inter fans can understand me.” How?

Since the players came back from Christmas/New Year holidays, Perisic has been giving signs of nervousness in training, towards Spalletti and also Icardi. Between the two, there has never been love, even less so after all contract talk for the Argentinian. Impatience in the daylight, which does not escape the eyes of anyone who frequents Appiano, including his teammates. To the point that Perisic is looking to get out, he went straight to the point and asked to be sold.

In the meantime, Ivan has also distanced himself away from Fali Ramadani, the agent that helped him in contract talk last time in 2017. Between the two, it seems that there is misunderstanding of an economic nature. Now, Perisic is managed by no one. He does not have an agent although some family members are helping him out but it was him that directly asked to leave. Then his family started to talk to Arsenal: they promised him a wage of €7M net, a rather convincing figure to take him away from Inter, convincing enough to the point of thinking that he could force his hand to leave.

Perisic is rough, difficult and not very malleable. Few smiles, his answers are indicative of his personality when asked simple questions during press conferences. Even the TAR judges know this: they recently slapped a stadium ban on a fan after fighting with the Croatian and that fan was provoked by… Perisic. At Inter, he finds a wall put up by Zhang and management. The loser in this arm wrestling is the Croatian himself because Arsenal, despite pushing for him to leave Italy and arrive in England, are only willing to offer loan with option to buy. Inter will never accept it.

There are still a few hours to bring Ivan to the Gunners, maybe they will change their mind to offer the Nerazzurri something concrete. Meanwhile, Perisic will continue training away from the team and will not play against Lazio on Thursday to give respect to his teammates. This “hard punch” by the club should be interpreted as such: no one thinks of deciding his own destiny. “He would like to play abroad but there are no offers. If he stays, I expect from him the same professionalism as always. It will be up to us to recover him mentally and physical,” said Ausilio. This feat is up to Spalletti. And it will not be easy.

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