In an exclusive interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, Antonio Chelsea answers head-on all of the questions regarding this future.

“Would I return to Juve one day? A marriage must be mutual. I think that Juve have started a new journey and I believe that they are very happy with Allegri who will surely continue his work. They are doing very well. But one day, maybe, you never know. The experience that I had abroad made me stronger and more complete. I would recommend it to any Italian coach. It is hard but it makes you better. 

“If a club calls me then I have to do it with my idea of football and my method. I am not a manager, I don’t think that an objective of a coach is to do little damage as possible. If this is their thinking then these clubs should not call me. I find it humiliating to do such thing. I want to have an impact because I am very strict with myself. And then I have a problem: to win. That I feel like the objective of my work. The path to get there is made of unity of one purpose, of thinking about ourselves together and not us as individuals. There is no other way to win.”

Does that also apply to Inter and Milan?

“It applies to every team. I have this perception of being able to beat any team. I have to feel that winning is possible. Otherwise, I can just continue to stay away from football.”

The fans of Roma dream of Totti as president and Conte as their coach. Will that remain a dream?

“I fell in love with the city of Rome during my two years as coach of the national team. At the Olimpico, you feel the passion from the fans who live football with a particular intensity. A passionate environment that charges you. Today, however, the conditions (to coach Roma) are not there but I think one day, sooner or later, I will be their coach.”

Source: GdS

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