• Icardi attacks: “I want a concrete offer.”

  • Inter move: “Fans, stay calm.” Inter captain heats up contract matter.

  • Difference remains for the work of Wanda. But Steven extends his hand: “We will talk soon.”

Negotiation between Inter and Icardi has become more and more like a novel. A long duel that is made of attacks, retreats, pauses, reflections and twists. Inter and their captain are united by the will of continuing together but at times, they are divided by the way of getting there to continue living together. Just look at yesterday when both sides exchanged statements, first started by Mauro, and then both put their weapons aside to try finding an agreement. Decisive words came from management, at the end of a meeting in the center between Steven Zhang, just returned from China, Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta and CFO Giovanni Gardini. “Everything is ok, Mauro is our captain and we will speak with him very soon,” Zhang said. Marotta then chimes in: “We are calm, so should the fans. We will talk about it next week.”

In short, everything will have to wait until either Monday or Tuesday when there will be the first official meeting between Beppe Marotta and Wanda Nara in Corso Vitorrio Emanuele and negotiations to extend the contract of Icardi will come alive. But do not let the fact that Inter executives seem to have cooled down deceive you: the last couple of days, after the late return of Mauro from Christmas holidays in Argentina, were anything but enjoyable or simple. And then yesterday, the same number 9 spoke for the first time about his contract on Instagram: “My renewal will happen when Inter make a correct and concrete offer.”

Two roads – Inter have always been clear on this situation: they consider Mauro to be an extremely important player and have never thought of selling him but they want to do it (even before Marotta’s arrival) without too much fuss, by meeting his representatives face to face. Inter and his wife-agent Wanda, on the other hand, have chosen to go the opposite way: everything related to this renewal is relevant in the public, it is being discussed on TV, in newspapers and on social medial. This long distance clash really annoys Inter because of Wanda’s behavior and her public comments. After receiving a fine of €100K and the provocation of Wanda (to AS, Spanish newspaper), yesterday was Mauro’s turn to mark his territory. First, he attacked the Gazzetta dello Sport for writing that “the club will ask the captain to negotiate with another representative” other than Wanda Nara; then he reaffirmed his unconditional trust in his wife as an agent; finally Icardi talked about the contract.

With 4.6 million followers on Instagram, he wrote: “I would like to point out that I am very very happy and satisfied with the work that we have done together until now. This is why Wanda will always take care of my and our interest until the end of my career. I want to clarify to all the fans who read pseudo journalists and ‘serious’ newspapers, who write without knowing or give instructions to write without knowing the facts, that my renewal will happen when Inter make a contract and concrete offer. Only then we can speak of a truth renewal and not the gratuitous lies that are spread today.”

Agreement – Giuseppe Marotta has summoned Wanda to Corso Vittorio Emanuele headquarters at the beginning of next week. Wanda is known to be… “without filters” and Inter will ask Wanda to be less of that as well as a protagonist now that talk will soon start officially. This is the starting point of Inter which will also present a new offer at the table because one delivered in autumn to the player was not considered satisfactory by Wanda and Mauro. This new negotiation will be for a contract until 2023 with a wage of €7M including bonuses. It will be the first real increase since the rejection (€6M) and also since that famous Wanda’s tweet of “I’m reading the pages of renewal” but that was with Nike.

Without going back to this starting point, Inter will try to put everything back to the basics, without that total clash that seemed to be on the horizon in the last meeting: aiming not to pull too hard towards their side looking for an agreement with the player’s reps. Icardi today earns €5.3M a year and will start a request of €9M. In this sense, Steven Zhang himself started the rebuilding work: “Mauro is our captain. Soon we will meet and talk about his contract. We are not having discussions with the player who is very professional and everything is ok. The disciplinary chapter for being late is closed, and now it is time to talk about the future: “The fans can stay calm,” said Marotta. The certainty is that this won’t be the last time we talk about it.

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