There has been much discussion about who is going to be on the bench of Inter for next season, given that Luciano Spalletti is more and more likely to leave.

According to Tutto Mercato Web, “at the moment, the easiest name to get is Jose Mourinho who accomplished the historic treble in 2010 and is the one that highly recommended by Javier Zanetti and former Inter president Massimo Moratti. Suning does have extra budget for the new coach and Jose Mourinho could lower his demands of making €10M a season for many years. Mourinho would be very happy to return. There is a great reflection especially on the part of Marotta who would like a more manageable profile.”

Regarding Conte, “he is the preferred option of Marotta who already worked with him when they were together at Juventus. All the big Italian clubs are following the former Italian coach carefully who, for now, is not convinced to accept a club that isn’t certain of playing in the Champions League, aside Juventus of course.”

Source: TMW

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