World Champion, one of the best for his position for many years, always had great techniques and was always playing for his team, Andreas Brehme speaks to FCIN about the team of Luciano Spalletti.

“I always think of Inter and it is a shame that Juventus are many points ahead. I think that this year, things are better for them but as a team, you always have to do more. And that is trying to get closer to Juve.”

What memories do you remember between the year 1988-1992?

“Inter are in my heart but my time there was many years ago. Before me, there were two Germans and then it became three. Everything is different now, practically there are only foreigners.”

Thoughts on the current team?

“The situation of Icardi is a mess and I don’t understand him. He is a great player and a very strong striker, a nice person. We are talking about a young man here who is only 26 years old. I did not understand why he demanded the armband at all costs. But now it is perhaps better for him to not be the captain of the team, it can become an advantage in his favor. If Spalletti and the club have made the decision, then Icardi should have a calmer head. Here in Germany, everyone laughs at the situation. They write about Inter in negative tones. And the fact that everything seems to have been triggered by Wanda Nara, his wife and agent.”

Source: FCIN

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