You can play together and do well for the good of the team without being friends. To understand the relationship between Mauro Icardi and Ivan Perisic, the Gazzetta dello Sport offers a series of examples of footballers who did not love each other but benefited the club when they were on the pitch.

Let’s just stay within Inter, we recall the unfriendly relationship between Beccalossi and Muller, Motta and Cambiasso, Ronaldo and Simeone, Cambiasso and Ibrahimovic. “Although the real clash that Ibra had at Inter was with Materazzi, after one night in Liverpool in 2008 when the Swedish said: ‘The defeat? Go ask Materazzi.’ They both moved forward after that night.”

History shows it and the 4-0 victory against Genoa confirms it: moving forward together is possible. Even without making peace. A truce that benefits all.

Source: GdS

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