Literally no one in the media is talking about the season of Andrea Pinamonti. The Inter owned striker, on loan at Frosinone, has five goals in Serie A this season, more than Cutrone (3), Zaniolo and Kean (4 each). 

The 1999-born striker, grew up in Inter academy where he arrived in the summer of 2013, has been at Frosinone since last August. After a couple of months of setting in and spending most of his time on the bench, Pinamonti was able to get into the rotation of the Giallazzurri. He won’t be able to save his club from relegation but Pinamonti at 19 years old is for all to see with excellent performances. Marotta and Ausilio will then see the striker in July (training camp) and he could be very useful on the transfer market.

While it is true that Inter will have to include some home-grown players for UEFA list but its management is thinking of taking another path when it comes to Pinamonti and there are two reasons for that. The first is that including him on the list and keeping him for another season would compromise the growth, given that at least there will be two strikers ahead of him in Lautaro Martinez and whoever will come to replace Icardi. The second is about the transfer market and UEFA FFP. Inter will be out of settlement agreement on June 30th but by the end of 2018-2019 financial year, capital gains must be made. Currently, Pinamonti is worth €15M and that number could further increase if he continues scoring important goals for Frosinone.

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