Speaking to Rai Sport, Luciano Spalletti comments on the game tomorrow against Benevento in Coppa Italia debut.

“Playing behind closed doors against Benevento will be very surreal because it has already happened to me. It will feel like playing a friendly match, it will be very penalizing to the players on the pitch. The goal is to continue training to make Inter even stronger. We want to achieve a level of consistency against any team. Market? The players that can help us are already here.”

On the rumors regarding Jose Mourinho. 

“I think it is a right thing. Because thanks to these 18 months, Inter have become a team of great desire for top players and coaches, those that are at European level.”

Source: Rai Sport

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/12/spalletti-playing-behind-closed-doors-will-be-surreal-mourinho-rumors-its-a-right-thing-because