Not a day that goes by and we do not talk about Mauro Icardi’s future. Yesterday, Wanda Nara’s words were strong and clear to answer the provocations unleashed by Antonio Cassano on TikiTaka. “Leaving? It is not like that. Mauro wants to stay at Inter and he hopes to stay for the next 150 years.”

Meaning: they are fine at Inter and are not asking for a new contract. But if Mauro Icardi does leave then it is the desire of Inter for that to happen. This is a smart move to protect themselves and to put Inter management against the wall. 

The priority of Icardi and Wanda is to stay in Italy, obviously in Milan to continue their journey in the black and blue colors of Inter. But if in the future there is no Inter then watch out for Juventus given that Allegri greatly appreciates the Argentinian striker and Fabio Paratici has been pressing for months.

There is a clue proving that they want to stay in Italy. Recently, Icardi and Wanda have bought a penthouse in the Bosco Verticale area. Wanda is opening a new office in the same area together with the rest of Icardi’s management team. In short, the Icardi family will be well stationed in Milan whether it will be with Inter colors or those in nearby Turin we will find out in the coming months.

Source: FCIN

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