On one hand, there was Steven Zhang staying close with the team at Appiano Gentile together with the club management. On the other, Mauro Icardi stayed at home with his father who visited him in this difficult moment.

At Suning Training Center, Inter president stayed to talk with Zanetti, Marotta, Ausilio, Gardini and Antonello while in the other room, the players celebrated 31st birthday of Ranocchia. “One day, I will tell my son the honor of playing with champions like you,” said Ranocchia in a speech next to Nainggolan, published in a story on Instagram by Brozovic. The video ended with a joke and general laughter.

Relaxed environment, basically.

Not so much at Icardi’s house where Mauro found time to fight on social media with his sister, accusing her of wasting time instead of finding a job. 

Source: GdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/17/relaxing-atmosphere-at-suning-training-center-as-steven-zhang-is-back-in-italy-while-icardi-stayed-home-fighting-with-sister-on-social-media