According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, at the moment, Icardi does not have the intention of speeding up his return to play for Inter. In fact, the player continues evaluating the hypothesis of having an operation despite the fact that medical staff does not consider it to be useful or resolutive. 

In the meantime, Wanda is on vacation in Dubai and this makes it clear that the famous contract offer is not expected to be in her hand this week. The current deal expires in 2021 and yesterday in an interview with Gente, the Argentinian showgirl said that together with Mauro, they consider the city of Milan to be their second home.

One certain thing is that going wall against wall doesn’t pay, Icardi cannot afford to stay out for too long. In the summer, he could leave and the release clause of €110M, valid only to foreign clubs and between 1st-15th of July, will be activated again. No one will pay it if he stays out for the rest of the season. Very remote but extremely dangerous hypothesis. 

Anyway, a new offer will come but we still try to see when. Will Icardi be back on the pitch when that happens?

Source: GdS

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