Many coaches sat on the bench of Inter between the year of 1995 and 2016, when Moratti became the club president and when he officially sold his last shares. Some made history like Mancini and Mourinho, but many failed to leave their mark. Among these was Gian Piero Gasperini. For the current Atalanta coach, there were only 3 months spent on the Inter bench from June to September 2011: 4 defeats and 1 draw between Serie A, Champions League and Italian Super Cup (lost 2-1 in Beijing against Milan).

“Unfortunately, sacking him at that moment was inevitable. I would do the same today. He always makes his teams play well but it was different at Inter… In his career, Gasperini has always managed to play beautiful football, a great merit that is still true even today. Watching his Atalanta is enough. In fact, at the time, there were no doubts for me. He showed important attributes and capability, but a coach like him would have needed more time, something that it is not always possible at a club like Inter. The results were bad, even in the friendlies. There were no alternatives except change.”

Moratti continues, “I remember that Gasperini was going through a moment of crisis, there were no conditions to continue. Another chance at top club? He is a well prepared coach, very good. He is getting great results in Bergamo but I struggle to answer this question. But I say this: for what they are showing, Atalanta deserve the Champions League.”

Source: GdS

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