It has been widely reported over the past few months that Inter will finally be out of the Settlement Agreement with UEFA in the summer of 2019. So can the fans expect a different transfer market campaign next summer? Inter sporting director clarifies with the following statement:

“Like the last few years, it is impossible. Settlement Agreement is very different from UEFA Financial Fair Play. Working under FFP means respecting the rules and working like other clubs. We must spend as much as we earn, so we must increase revenues by selling, capital gains and sponsorships. Costs must be contained, big signings can be made but with an eye on the budget. Settlement Agreement is a distant memory, I just could not stand it anymore.”

Final words are for Gabriel Barbosa.

“He is coming back but I have already spoken to him: I did let him know that we have no room for him here. We have very happy with what he did in Brazil and there are clubs interested in him both from Brazil and abroad. We will find the best solution.”

Source: FCIN

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