Maybe in a few months it will be discovered that at Inter, the egg is born before the hen. It is going to be the day when everyone will know that it was not Giuseppe Marotta who brought Antonio Conte to Inter but it was the exact opposite. And then that day, Luciano Spalletti will understand that it was not because of the Coppa Italia elimination or that of the Champions League of two months ago, or even the ups and downs that Inter are currently experiencing in Serie A that resulted in his termination. Dead man losing: the Chinese of Suning wanted Conte on the bench since the day that they arrived. They will have him this summer, certainly not before and there are those who are 100% convinced that it was Conte (the egg) that suggested Zhang Jindong – in the two meetings that they personally had in autumn – that in order to rebuilding this team, giving it a new winning cycle, Inter must start with Giuseppe Marotta, the hen.

Luciano Spalletti loves statistics and numbers. It is true that this year, Inter have 3 points less than a year ago but despite the defeat against Torino, they are in third place and have a +6 on fifth team in the standings, the gap is wider compared to a year ago. Inter are now eliminated from Coppa Italia, exactly like last year, in the same round but last year, it was more painful because it was against Milan and Cutrone decided in extra time. Two months ago, the Nerazzurri got eliminated from the Champions League as predicted because Tottenham were and still are a much stronger team and they could aim at the Europa League. But in order for them to go far, Inter need the best of Icardi.

Again, Spalletti loves numbers and looking at them, he would understand where most of his troubles lie. Icardi is not scoring anymore: when he does, they are penalties against Udinese, Lazio and Benevento, the last one doesn’t really count for much. Icardi has 9 goals this season, compared to 18 last year at the same point this year. He is currently “dry” for 5 games, almost 500 minutes which is his personal negative record. Against Lazio, he did not have a shot on goal in the first 90 minutes and the only one was the penalty at the very last second of the game which pushed it to penalty kicks (there was a header on goal too). 

The Perisic situation is not helping Inter. After Lazio, Spalletti said that “it is better that he’s staying with us” and this was a few days after Marotta publicly said that the Croatian demanded to be sold. Managing Perisic from here until May will not be easy: one extra problem for this team where once again the supposed summer reinforcements are betraying the high expectations. It cannot be a coincidence that Inter acquire a pair of fullbacks every year and in the end, D’Ambrosio always starts. Just as it is not a coincidence that missed penalties from Nainggolan and Lautaro confirmed Inter elimination from Coppa Italia. And yet, in the end, Spalletti will pay.

Source: Il Giornale

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