“Mauro Icardi has acquired a world class dimension that has ‘forced’ Spalletti to review his technical and tactical ideas. If in the past, the coach tried to ask the Argentinian to participate more in the action, now it seems that Spalletti is resigned to the idea of seeing him in the action especially in the last few meters.”

The Corriere dello Sport underlines this “new” philosophy of Luciano Spalletti, underlining the important goals that Icardi has scored over his career and especially those happened in this version of the Champions League. The Argentinian is such a predator in the box, that’s where he is good at, that’s where he feels like home.

Source: CdS

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2018/12/4/spalletti-finally-resigned-to-the-idea-of-seeing-icardi-exclusively-in-the-box