Trust has been given to Luciano Spalletti to continue guiding the Inter dressing room after the defeat against Bologna on Sunday. Giuseppe Marotta has made it clear that the position of the coach is not in question and “is very solid.”

However according to the Corriere della Sera, this does not mean the shadow of Conte will now disappear for good. In fact, this confidence given to Spalletti will only push the presence of Conte a bit further away. Inter CEO said that he has not heard from Conte “for months” but this is just a normal strategy used to both protect and warn Spalletti.

The goal of Inter for the rest of the season is to make the Champions League and if that is not at risk, Spalletti will remain the coach. Next week against Parma however, the club expects a strong reaction and a positive result because beyond the words, points towards the table count the most.

Should Inter lose at the Tardini, after two defeats against Torino and Bologna, Spalletti’s position would become critical. Trust? Yes, but only to a certain point even if Marotta cannot and does not want to say it.

Source: Corsera

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