Luciano Spalletti is heading towards the final chapter in his Inter journey. This is the certainty of the Corriere della Sera which emphasizes how, after Coppa Italia elimination against Lazio, Inter must now focus on the goal of achieving Champions League next year, “vital for the club coffers because it will guarantee €50M so that Inter can plan and rebuilding the team. Eliminated from the Coppa Italia was seen as a missed opportunity: Juventus and Napoli went out to leave Inter a great chance of winning a trophy.”

Inter have confirmed their confidence in the coach and the desire to continue with him and then evaluation will be made at the end. But the confirmation of Spalletti remains linked to the results: “Europa League will also influence the decision: winning it brings little money but it does bring prestige and Inter desperately need it.”

What about Antonio Conte, the coach that has strongly linked to the bench?

“President Steven Zhang already left to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family and he will discuss the future of Inter with his father Jindong, Suning’s boss, who has always been fascinated by the former Italia national team. Conte is a concrete possibility, not for the immediate future though. Because he does not intend to arrive in the middle of the season.”

Source: Corsera

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