To solve the situation of Mauro Icardi, Steven Zhang is ready to directly intervene. The Corriere della Sera reports that the Inter president is still in China and is expected to return this week and he has already called Giuseppe Marotta and Alessandro Antonello asking them to resolve this case and talk to the player, to try soften his position.

The date to circle on the calendar is Tuesday when there will probably be a meeting between Icardi, Inter medical staff, Spalletti and Marotta. 

“This meeting is to try and get to the end of issue, to try bringing the Argentinian striker back to the team. There is hope, albeit very fragile one, to have him called up for Thursday match in Frankfurt against Eintracht. The former captain is physically ready and in a position to play. Physiotherapy to alleviate pain in knee has paid off and now it only depends on Icardi to decide whether to return or not. And coming back in Frankfurt, away from the home crowd, may not be a bad idea. Inter are ready to reinstate Icardi also because they are tired of dealing with situation. The hope is to end it and use the player for the final print of Serie A and Europa League.

“The question that Inter directors and Spalletti are going to ask is simple: do you want to continue being just a former captain of this team or do you want to go back to being a footballer for this club? On his part, Icardi waits to see Spalletti and Marotta to explain what he thinks about the events of the past 20 days. He will argue that the captaincy was unjustly removed and above all, there is also the situation where Icardi and Wanda are convinced that Inter have already decided to sell him this summer. Inter do not expect a successful meeting and the feeling is that Mauro will continue to claim that he feels pain to have more treatment.”

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