In an interview with Dazn, Milan Skriniar starts by talking about the difficulty in facing players like Ronaldo and Dzeko.

“The best forward that I have ever faced? I don’t know which one is the best because there are so many and they are all different. Ronaldo, for example, is very fast and then there are strikers who fight for every ball. This year, perhaps the most difficult player to mark was Dzeko because physically he is very strong. He put me in difficulty when we faced Roma in the return leg. I often study my opponents by watching videos to look at their strengths and weaknesses. But in the end, I have to concentrate mainly on my performance.”

You still haven’t scored…

“I miss it. I am looking for it and will try to score in these last four games.”

The perfect defender?

“The best in marking is Van Dijk, best at heading is Koulibaly. In the build-up phase? I would say my teammate De Vrij. Am I the best one-on-one defender? If you say so (laughs). Sergio Ramos does not seem to be the best anymore but he often find himself playing one against two because Marcelo usually pushes in the attack. But to me, he is still great.”

Source: Dazn

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