The team that needs him the most is Roma. His first choice is Juventus but there is Inter right behind, with Milan being the fourth wheel. In a nutshell, this is the picture of Conte’s future, defined as “the man of dreams” in sights of top Italian clubs and many more.

“The team that really wants Conte is Roma because they need a coach and they need one now. The Giallorossi have already offered €8M per season for three years to the coach from Lecce and now they are waiting for a response. Because they are not his first choice, that is Juventus.”

But everything is linked to the future of the current Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri. “There will be a meeting between him and Agnelli soon, perhaps already in the next few hours. On the table of discussion, there are plans for next year, wage adjustment (currently at €7.5M per year until 2020) and possibly a new contract. 

“If something does not go as planned, Conte will be the first to know. However if it goes smoothly, then he will turn to Inter. But even in this case, it is not easy for Inter and Spalletti to part ways because the money involved in a divorce here is even more than that between Juve and Allegri. That being said, Marotta and Conte have had several conversations and an agreement can be found in a few hours if there is green light from the Chinese ownership, there is no about about this. This topic is heating up again in the last few days and it seems that Suning is willing to make the economic sacrifice in order to bring the former Italian coach to the bench.”

Source: Corsera

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