Let’s go back to December 7th, the first leg between Inter and Juventus that took place in Turin. Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dybala were the two central players in the technical project at both clubs.. That was only 139 days ago. And now, here we are: both Icardi and Dybala are watching on the sidelines and not only that, both are now on the transfer market. 

Let’s start with Mauro. The Argentinian number 9 of Inter is no longer the starting center forward. On the cover at this moment is Lautaro Martinez. Mauro Icardi, who has eight goals against Juventus (third Italian team that he has the most goals against), will be on the sidelines watching his teammates battling the Bianconeri on Saturday. This is a technical choice, not because of any injury. He has not scored a goal from open play for months now. He no longer speaks about Inter and the only “public statements” that he makes are on his Instagram. The San Siro is split when it comes to Icardi: there are those who have jeered and defended him. Stay tuned for another episode coming this Saturday.

Dybala will not play on Saturday due to an injury. In an interview with Style he said that “the life of footballers is like a roller coaster: one day you are the best, the next you are useless.” This phase tells you exactly what he is going through. His 2018-2019 season has been a continuous up and down roller coaster: super beginning in the Champions League with five goals in the group stage and now he has been on a fast in Serie A. From the captain’s armband that he wore often to the numerous times that he spent on the bench. “In football, there are difficult moments and it happens to everyone, you have to be prepared for it. Finding balance is not always easy. I like the changes, we need the courage to overcome our limits,” he once again said to Style.

The last sentence could hide an indication for the future, besides the statements made by management that he is not for sale. Dybala no longer feels untouchable and knows that he could be sacrificed so that Juventus can have a fresher squad with players like Federico Chiesa for example. It depends only on him and he has no doubt: this chapter at Juventus is not over. He sees himself with the number 10 shirt of Juventus for many years and considers the Copa America in the summer as an excellent opportunity for redemption. Same applies for Icardi, assuming that he would get a call-up by coach Scaloni.

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