According to the Corriere della Sera, having two more years remaining in current contract is not an insurance because Spalletti does not know yet if he is going to be the coach of Inter next year. However, he has no intention of renouncing his spot on the bench.

Spalletti does have the chance to stay because sacking him and hiring a new coach would cost massive amount of money. The hypothesis of Conte is still alive but it is complicated. The favorite, however, is actually the current coach of Juventus in Massimiliano Allegri who still has to talk to Allegri about his future. He is considered an interesting profile both Steven Zhang and Marotta know him well.

Spalletti will try to play for his future in the next couple of matches. He wants to secure third place so that he can use that argument in the meeting that will happen with management at the end of the season. 

Source: CdS

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