Inter and Roma but also Bayern Munich. According to the Corriere dello Sport, the German club has targeted Antonio Conte for its coaching position next season.

“After a year on sabbatical, he wants to return to coaching next season. Many want him but only a few can actually make it happen. Conte demands a competitive team and a salary that matches what he had in London. The coach has various solutions on the table and the most concrete option seems to be Bayern.

“In Italy, there is an open discussion with Inter although yesterday Marotta assured that the club will go ahead with Spalletti. But from here to the end of the season, many things can change although Spalletti has the possibility of improving the team’s position in the standings from 4th of last year to 3rd.”

What about Roma? “Inquiries did not give desired result as Conte did not say yes to the Giallorossi although he has not completely closed the door on them. In this period, Conte will continue to listen and take time. He believes that he can coach a top-class club in Europe to continue his path as a winning coach. He prefers to take time and see if new scenarios may open up around Europe.”

Source: CdS

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