Finishing third place may not be enough for Luciano Spalletti to keep the Inter bench again next season. According to Sport Mediaset, both Marotta and Ausilio consider the current coach to be excessively controversial and is like an incendiary grenade in the way he manages the team and club. Therefore, Spalletti is not exactly the ideal profile for the growth of Inter and its projects.

Antonio Conte, meanwhile, remains a viable option. Inter and the Italian have had several contacts in the past and it would be a very expensive operation. Sacking Spalletti would cost the club €24M plus compensation for his staff and the demand of Conte is no less than €9M-€10M. Steven Zhang will continue considering Conte who has not said yes (or no) to any club. He wants to wait and see what could happen, especially abroad on the benches of PSG and Bayern Munich.

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