Lautaro Martinez gave the fans the most precious Christmas present on Wednesday evening by deciding the game against Napoli with his only shot of the night.  A game in which Luciano Spalletti was particularly keen to take stock of the growth of his group:

“We are not anti-Juve but we are anti ourselves. We came fourth last year and next step must be doing better than Roma, and then Napoli, and then maybe we can think further ahead,” Spalletti has repeatedly said this throughout the season. 

The victory against Ancelotti is certainly a huge injection of confidence within the Inter dressing room, including the fact that it shows a decisive step forward in the way the players manage the game and also in their personality. Of course, without the goal of Lautaro, we would be talking about something else. But maybe it was written in the starts: at the fifth straight game with Lautaro-Icardi tandem, three points arrived.

Regarding the Argentinian tandem, Luciano Spalletti will continue to work on it, well aware of the fact that he can only judge it on the pitch and in official matches. For the entire summer, we talked about Lautaro, Icardi and the possibility of seeing their explosiveness playing together. But so far, that has not happened. And on Wednesday night, despite the joy of a huge win, Spalletti immediately made things clear about using both from the beginning: “It remains to be seen if the team can maintain defensive order…”

After the first bad try in the season debut at the Reggio Emilia (1-0 defeat to Sassuolo), Icardi and Lautaro never started in the lineup together again. El Toro is back to being the Inter captain’s back up and has only some minutes here and there. However, the San Siro has always been on his side. “The goal is dedicated to the family and the fans,” Lautaro said after the game. There will be chances for the rest of the season and they will be taken with the same personality of when he asked for the number 10 and to be called Lautaro because “there are many Martinez’s and I want to be unique.” The goal against Napoli could be a new beginning for his mission.

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