Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio are already making concrete assessments for the summer transfer window. And the names proposed by the Corriere dello Sport will surely make the fans dream. With no UEFA restrictions, Inter are ready to make decisive signings on the market again, those that will be able to turn the team around. Technique and physicality, this is the mix chosen by the Inter executives.

“In this sense, Inter are interested in Toni Kroos and Milinkovic-Savic. With either one, it would be easier to ‘beat everyone on and off the pitch’ as Steven Zhang said on Tuesday night. Kroos is probably the perfect mix of all the features that Marotta and Ausilio are looking for: he wins and does it in a big way (between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, he has 4 league titles, 4 Champions League titles, plus an incredible number of other trophies and of course the World Cup with Germany). He also has the physicality, experience and personality of a leader.

“It is clear that acquiring him by paying the full amount of the release clause to Perez would be unthinkable. Kroos came to Real Madrid for 40 million and now it would take 300 to take him away. But at the end of this season, many things are expected to change in Madrid (not just the future of Modric). Anyway, we wait to see how the German’s future will turn out in Madrid, especially if Real continue to insist on Icardi.

“Milinkovic-Savic does not win like Kroos but he is even bigger and has more physicality. The Lazio midfielder has the advantage of making less money because Inter are not able to match wages that are close to 10 million euros a season. However, Lotito knows how to make teams pay for his players: last summer, he made a valuation of 150 million and ended up keeping the Serbian.

“Based on his performances so far, he is worth much less, but for Marotta, who already wanted him at Juventus, and for Ausilio to bring him to Inter will not be easy.”

Source: CdS

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