After speaking to Sky Sport, Matteo Politano spent a few minutes with Inter TV, talking about the “strange feeling” versus Benevento.

“Playing in an empty stadium gave us a strange feeling. We tried against Benevento but it was strange because we were used to having a full stadium in these months. Every time we went out on the pitch, there were a lot of fans and again, taking the pitch without fans last time was very strange.”

Sassuolo – “Finally we get to start again. We are working well and we miss going on the pitch because it’s been a month since we did not play in Serie A and we cannot wait for Saturday to come. For me, it will be emotional to play against my old club but we must try to win. We lost in the first leg, last year Inter never managed to win. And on Saturday, we have to do it with force.”

On the season – “We did great things in the Champions League although we did not manage to go through. We are doing well in the league: third in the standings and in 2019 we can only improve. It will be a fun year.”

Source: Inter TV

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