“At one time, Wanda asked me to be my agent but I refused. I think that there are very capable women that can do this job but we also need to put work on one side and family on the other. I did not want to mix the two things. Seeing certain news, I think that among the many wrong choices that I made, that one was correct.”

That was how Maxi Lopez began the interview with journalist Fernando Nembro in Argentina. 

“I am not seeing my children. It is always the same story. I have been looking for Italian clubs to be close to them but I have always had difficulty. Many times, I couldn’t even talk to them on the phone and that’s Wanda’s decision. When I had them, Wanda called me 150 times a day and they talked to her every time.

“One time I told Icardi that when he became a father, he would understand my situation. But then I found his attitude worse than hers and so I decided not to have any more contacts. Mauro is a father now but he has the same attitude. Yesterday was my son’s birthday and so I called but they attacked me over the phone.”

Source: Radio La 900

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/2/22/maxi-lopez-wanda-asked-me-to-be-my-agent-but-i-refused-icardi-has-worse-attitude-than-her-they-are-not-letting-me-talk-to-my-children