Javier Zanetti speaks to Radio Deejay about his book and above all, the topic of the day, Mauro Icardi’s contract.

Attitudes towards life – “Always be positive, life is so beautiful that we must live it in a positive way.”

New book – “I wanted a complete challenge and Inter offered it to me. It is important for me to face life always with a smile. We have to also go back to the roots: to be stricter. We must evaluate the behavior that the players have during the week, to maintain high level you have to train well and make sacrifices. Without sacrifices, nothing comes and life shows it. It is a matter of having the mentality but some, like Balotelli, do not understand it. Mourinho, for example, worked a lot when it comes to psychological aspect of the team.”

Player ratings – “It depends on how much it weighs on you. I remember a situation in Pinetina with Solari and Santon reading the newspaper. Santiago told Davide that ‘do not look for what you did not do on the pitch.’”

Jose Mourinho – “He will remain a great coach. He did well in Madrid and Manchester because he won a few trophies, then he went into difficulty in the years later on maybe about managing the group. All coaches go through difficult period but knowing him, I know that he will want to get back to the top as soon as possible.”

Wanda and Icardi – “Everyone must respect their role, and the most important thing is that Icardi is happy here with us, he expresses it with his qualities shown on the pitch.”

Source: Radio Deejay

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