Adrien Rabiot is leaving Paris Saint Germain at the end of the season. And his free-agent status entices many clubs around Europe including Inter. All are being vigilant and already in action, starting contacts with his mother and agent Veronique. But at the same time, all are held back by the high cost of this operation.

Rabiot and his mother are asking for a five-year contract worth 8 million euros per season: 50 million net (40 wage and 10 in agent commissions) which equals to 100 million in gross income. This ridiculous figure is far from being considered affordable even to giants like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

So this is just the case of having too much noise but then nothing is going to happen? Probably. We are at the start of May and there are no real buyers. Rabiot is truly becoming a player that many want but cannot take.

Source: FCIN

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