The search for new forward has begun. In his second season at Chelsea, Antonio Conte had managed to convince Abramovich to sign Dzeko but the Roma wall was strong then. In the year that he won the Premier League with that club, he was able to created a total understanding with Diego Costa although that only lasted for 12 months. In fact, he wanted to replace him with Lukaku but instead he had to settle for Morata. And now, at Inter (almost), everything is coming back.

According to the Corriere dello Sport, for the eventual replacement of Mauro Icardi, it is not a surprise that on the list of targets, the names of Dzeko and Lukaku are there. Within the club, there is awareness that the only way forward is to do an exchange. With whom? Well, if Manchester United were willing to take Icardi by sending Lukaku to Inter then all would be solved. 

Everything is easier said than done…

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