Wanda Nara, wife and agent of Mauro Icardi, talks about the recent and past events.

“We never had any doubts about going to the stadium today, I always do as the wife of the player and as the mother of my children who are Interisti. Well, actually there was doubt because Francesca has chickenpox but Mauro asked me to go with him. 

The news yesterday was that her car was struck by rock with her children in the vehicle.

“Yesterday morning, I woke up to take my youngest son to his game and we know what happened… Fortunately, it happened in a place where there were security cameras so that was helpful. I then called someone at Inter because I was in shock and then shortly after, Marotta called me back.”

Quick words on the captain’s armband.

“To Mauro, it is like taking away a leg. He is proud of this shirt. He never thought about money. He cares a lot and has always done everything to honor it. I never thought it could happen. I am always in contact with Inter, with Marotta and Ausilio. I had a meeting with Inter for three-four hours and they never told me anything about it, not even Mauro. We are an Interista family. Mauro has scored 120 goals with this shirt when no one believed in him. Mauro is the first to believe in this team.”

Wanda then reveals that former Inter boss Massimo Moratti called after knowing about the decision. Going back to these series of events brought her to tears.

“I want to thank Moratti, I called to thank him for his kind words. Mauro was very distraught. I asked Massimo if he could help to get Mauro on the pitch again because playing football means so much to him. To me, Inter are a family and we do not want to leave. Lautaro? Mauro is very happy and proud of him. The fans? Many encourage him. We must clarify many things, one of the flaws that Icardi has is that he is too sincere. Departure in June? No, it is not our idea. We hope to stay but there are many variables and factors that do not depend only on us. A year in football is a very long period of time.”

Source: Chanel 5

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