In the pre-match press conference, Luciano Spalletti discusses the big game tomorrow night against Juventus.

“We always try to implement our idea of football, mine and that of the players. We try to keep the ball and play in the opposition’s half but at the same time we also need to stay in shape so we do not leave any space for counterattacks. We have played well in recent matches both at home and away, without exception. We strongly adhere to these beliefs and will try to put them into practice tomorrow which is a very important match.

“We still have important results to achieve, there isn’t a lot between all the sides in our league. A number of teams have gotten better, this signifies that always giving your all can make a difference. We still need results because teams behind us could win all of their games. Therefore, we need to continue working hard. Lautaro? He has developed naturally on the basis of many qualities that he has. Everyone is available for tomorrow and they all have trained very well. Brozovic? He is a player who always looks to move the ball and looks to do it in a continuous fashion. He has these characteristics but I expect everybody to produce something strong when it comes to both quality and creativity.”

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