“Mauro Icardi’s renewal? We are calm and the fans can also stay calm.”

With this short statement, Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta answered questions of reporters who tried to stop him just for a few minutes to ask about the contract situation. For the rest of the questions, Marotta simply smiles.

And then there is Steven Zhang. The Inter president also spent a few minutes talking to Sky about the winter transfer market as a whole and of course Mauro icardi’s contract.

“Transfer market? If there are opportunities, we will always take it. But it is a winter market and so there are not many options and our squad is very strong. Again, if there are opportunities, our team will be able to find the right talent to bring in. Everything is ok. Everything is fine. Media and newspapers? Fortunately, nothing is true.

“Icardi? Mauro is our captain and obviously we will talk about the contract soon. Surely we will have a good conversation with Mauro and I think that the player is very professional. Everything is ok.”

Source: Sky

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/10/marotta-icardis-contract-we-are-calm-and-the-fans-should-too-steven-zhang-we-will-have-a-good-conversation-with-mauro-who-is-a-professional