The future of Hector Herrera remains a puzzle to be solved, even more so now that his agent has opened the possibility of staying at Porto despite having a contract that expires June 30th, 2019.

“Hector does not close the door of continuing with Porto. We talked to president Pinto da Costa and anything can happen. Nothing that has been written or said in the last few days is true. Hector has not made commitment to any club, not with Inter, Milan or Roma. One of the lies that was written is that I flew to Italy to finalize the details of the contract. I did not leave Porto because my daughter is sick.

“Talk about his non-EU status is also a lie. The laws are now different, have been since September and Hector will only meet requirements to apply for a Portuguese passport in July, to obtain the EU status. But, as everyone knows, this is a process that can take several months. Anyway, one certain thing is that Hector will not leave Porto this month. He wants to win other trophies with the club and this is all he thinks about.”

Source: A Bola

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