“We are going to Turin with a bit of anger because we had to win against Sassuolo with or without the fans and even if they have been a taboo of ours. Now we must absolutely recover the lost points.”

That was Danilo D’Ambrosio speaking to Sky Sport, warning us the real danger of Torino, his former club.

“They are a tough team and play the same way at home or away. They have several good strikers in the national team but their midfield has many players who know the Italian league.

“We have to do better as we are aiming for the top positions in the league. There were regrets in the last 6-7 months. We thought that we could have fought for the top spot but it is normal that the favorite is still Juventus. But we do not want to drop too far from the top. It does make a difference if it is third or fourth spot. Our Champions League this year is finishing in the top three. That being said, we will try to overcome Napoli because this is the mentality that we must have from here until the end of the year.”

Finally, Danilo speaks about the future.

“I just think about it one day at a time but if the club were to give me a new contract then I would be happy to sign it. What would make me happy at the end of the season? A trophy.”

Source: Sky

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/23/dambrosio-what-would-make-me-happy-new-contract-and-trophy