Turn on the faucet to pour in cold water because the temperature is too high. Mixing, mixing and then the bathtub will become much more relaxing. This is the state of Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara and Inter, more or less. It is precisely the silence imposed by Zhang. Ultimately, it is the thought that unites all parties involved: the more days passing from post-fine and media chaos, the higher possibility that negotiation will become a success. And since both sides share common goal, that is a new contract, it is better to do things calmly and correctly.

The long-awaited meeting has not been scheduled and it will probably not happen this week. There are some rumors that parties involved already talked on the phone and have delayed everything until the end of the January transfer window. But next week is the most likely scenario. This new contract will put Mauro Icardi on the podium of Serie A in terms of salary. if agreement is reached, it will not be less than €7M (plus bonuses) that Dybala – third highest paid player in our league – currently makes. On that podium, there is also Higuain, at least until he moves to Chelsea.

Being in the top three highest paid players is Inter recognizing the Argentinian’s performances over the years. It is also a sign of a growing club that can give its players top wages. It was not like that since the Moratti’s era, inherited from the massive wage bill in 2011, 2012 and 2013, after winning the treble in 2010. Sneijder and Milito were top paid players in Serie A at €6M and €5M. When Moratti left the club, Inter experienced a physiological downsizing due to the overall economic situation of the club: neither with Thohir nor with Suning,  we see an Inter player among the three highest paid players in the league.

Now Inter are moving forward with the prospect of no longer being harassed by the UEFA settlement agreement. That agreement has certainly put a lot of considerable weight on the Nerazzurri for the past few years but in just a few months, it is no longer. If Steven Zhang continues to make references that he wants Inter on the top of European football, if sporting director Piero Ausilio can speak openly about a “competitive and winning team in two years,” it is because that there is a certainty that Inter can significantly increase its revenues. A demonstration is also in the wage that has convinced Diego Godin to choose Inter: €5.5M net per season.

And then there is Mauro Icardi who had brilliant first try in the Champions League. Three summers ago, Icardi strongly refused Atletico Madrid because he did not consider them superior than Inter. And that team won La Liga and got to the Champions League final. Now, Inter are about to increase its impact, there is no reason to leave. That’s why a new contract until 2023 will arrive. And it will overcome misunderstandings.

Source: GdS 

Source link – https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2019/1/16/mauro-icardi-is-set-to-be-rightfully-and-deservedly-recognized-will-become-the-second-highest-paid-in-serie-a