Will these be the last few months at Inter for Luciano Spalletti, Mauro Icardi and Ivan Perisic? It is probable, at least this is according to Tuttosport.

“The main issue of this period remains Icardi. Clashing with each other does not benefit anyone: not Inter, not Mauro. It remains to understand if sooner or later, the club or Spalletti will make a move to solve this situation or wait for an extra effort from Icardi. That could be next week when the his scheduled therapy sessions (for three weeks) with Inter medical staff will expire. It is clear that the more back and forth that we have, the less chances that Icardi will stay at this club.

“Mauro, however, has never said that he wants to leave unlike Perisic who wanted to get out in January (but no one was willing to put up €35M-€40M asked by Inter). The situation with him is back to normal and the Croatian is making the most of it but leaving Inter is only postponed until the summer. Perisic found agreement with Tottenham and they will be waiting for the player unless having a great season finale and playing together with Rakitic could convince him to stay.

“What about Spalletti? In January, his farewell seemed to be certain after some controversial statement made against Inter management. The coach has a contract until 2021 but it is clear that he will have the chance to stay only with the Champions League next season and a strong run in Europa League. But even that won’t guarantee anything especially if there is openness from Conte to join.”

Source: TS

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